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  1. How It Is #10: Like Wearing No Skin


    10 December 2013 by thaliakr

    What is postnatal / postpartum depression like? For me, it's like wearing no skin. | Sacraparental.com

    I wrote this a few weeks ago. It’s part of a long-running series on my experience of severe postnatal depression, …
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  2. How It Is #9: Live Edition

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    17 May 2013 by thaliakr

    The writer Dorothy Parker famously said ‘I hate writing. I like having written.’ On Saturday night I said to Jody, …
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  3. How It Is #7: The Fog Is Lifting


    18 February 2013 by thaliakr

    A story of gradual recovery from postnatal / postpartum depression | Sacraparental.com

    For the first time in 16 months, the fog is lifting. I am feeling ‘normal’ over half the time now, …
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  4. How It Is #6: Anhedonia


    20 December 2012 by thaliakr

    Have you heard of ANHEDONIA? Neither had I until I had postnatal / postpartum depression. Here's what it's like. | Sacraparental.com

    Today was a glorious day for a walk along the Wellington waterfront, and a baby in a pushchair is a …
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  5. How It Is #5: A Stranger In My Head


    30 October 2012 by thaliakr

    Postnatal depression: it's like there's a stranger in my head | Sacraparental.com

    This is the fifth post in a series reflecting on my experience of postnatal depression. Feel free to head also …
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  6. How It Is: Stories of Postnatal Depression: On A Bad Day


    5 October 2012 by thaliakr

    What a bad day might be like for someone with postnatal depression | Sacraparental.com

    Today is A Bad Day. It didn’t start out that way, and I don’t know quite how it slipped into …
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  7. How It Is #3: What to Say to Someone with Postnatal Depression


    26 September 2012 by thaliakr

    What to say to someone with postnatal / postpartum depression | Sacraparental.com

      The numbers are clear. ┬áIf you know a few parents, you know someone who’s had postnatal depression, whether they …
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