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  1. Magic Words: Helping Teens Find (Cool) Ways of Saying ‘No’


    15 June 2014 by thaliakr

    Yet again a post in this series is purely about pointing you to someone else’s cool post. Glennon Doyle Melton …
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  2. (Hopefully Not) Passing on Rape Culture


    15 November 2013 by thaliakr

    [Trigger warning: if you have experienced sexual assault, please just be aware that rape and rape culture are discussed in …
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  3. (Hopefully Not) Passing on Body Hatred


    16 June 2013 by thaliakr

    Alex linked to this bawl-inducing letter Kasey Edwards writes to her mother in ‘Passing on Body Hatred,’ excerpted from the …
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  4. The World Doesn’t Need More Superheroes


    7 June 2013 by thaliakr

    ‘All I ever needed to know I learned in the mental hospital,’ says Glennon Doyle Melton, from the Momastery blog, …
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  5. Education and Schooling #10: Special

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    23 April 2013 by thaliakr

    It is a legal right in New Zealand for all children to have free education that meets their needs. This …
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  6. ‘Don’t try to be the best this year, honey.’


    3 February 2013 by thaliakr

    It’s the first day of school for lots of people in the Southern Hemisphere this week, if they haven’t already …
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  7. Community and Competitive Parenting


    8 November 2012 by thaliakr

    In A Prairie Home Companion, Garrison Keillor gives the news each week from the township of Lake Wobegon, where ‘all …
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