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  1. Advent in Art with He Qi: Escape to Egypt

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    28 December 2014 by thaliakr

    Can this painting help you empathise with refugees? Escape into Egypt, He Qi | Sacraparental.com

    A warm welcome to this year’s Advent in Art series, where we join thousands of others in contemplating artistic works. …
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  2. Fasting, Old-School Styles


    17 February 2013 by thaliakr

    I considered procuring a sackcloth onesie recently. A couple of months ago, SBJ began to add sit-down-in-the-street protests to his …
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  3. Advent in Art #5: The Flight into Egypt


    6 January 2013 by thaliakr

    On this last day of the Christmas season we are remembering that there was a great deal of suffering surrounding …
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  4. Best Advent Movie: Calling for Nominations


    17 December 2012 by thaliakr

    Children of Men (2006) is a remarkable film, and my pick for best movie to watch during Advent. Add it to …
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