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I can’t resist a request (so far!).

Is there a topic you’d like to discuss? Do you have a question you want us to throw around a bit? Do you want to hear a range of ideas for how to address something in your parenting or other parts of your life?

I very likely won’t have the answers myself, but I’ll be glad to look into suggested topics and open them up for discussion on Sacraparental if they have appeal to the folks who hang around here.

If you have a suggestion, please add it in the comments below. And if you see an idea you like, please say so – it’ll move it up my priority list!

You might like to use the search box (above, right) to check if your idea has come up already, but that’s not to say we wouldn’t revisit something.


16 thoughts on “Suggestion Box

  1. andrew says:

    we haven’t seen Les Mis at the movies yet (planned on going last saturday but balked when ticket prices cost for two exceeded what a DVD sells for) but the reviews seem to put it forward as a pretty good “christian” movie in terms of enunciating grace.

  2. Angela says:

    Hi Sacraparental. You ma be interested in page A9 of the Dom Post, Thursday 10 January.
    (I realise you’re not raising a girl, but occasionally you have interests other than SBJ right?)

  3. Caroline says:

    I saw this and thought it raised some interesting ideas and questions – mostly about how to apply some of the ideas in “normal” everyday life and the problems associated in moving from life as a “single” to a “couple”:
    Feel free to ignore!

  4. Pippa says:

    co-sleeping and naps and early evening! We have a co-sleeper cot attached to the side of our bed. At the moment Toby has day time naps out and about or in the moses basket downstairs. And before we go to bed he sleeps in the moses basket.

    Well he has almost outgrown the moses basket and has rolling from front to back nailed and with a little help from back to front,so what now?! What do other co-sleepers do for naps and early evenings?

  5. SKATERAK says:

    I’d love to follow a ‘budgeting’ series. :)

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