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  1. Talking about Baby Loss: Stephanie’s Story [Guest]


    1 August 2013 by thaliakr

    A warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to Stephanie, a Dunedin mother, lawyer and regular commenter here, who is generously telling …
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  2. Facebook and the Silk Ring of Kvetching


    14 July 2013 by thaliakr

    This handy rule for when to complain and to whom has buzzed around my Facebook feed this week, with lots …
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  3. In Search of a Better Mother’s Day


    11 May 2013 by thaliakr

    This is a slightly updated version of an earlier post on Mother’s Day – back when I thought it should …
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  4. Best Advent Movie: Calling for Nominations


    17 December 2012 by thaliakr

    Children of Men (2006) is a remarkable film, and my pick for best movie to watch during Advent. Add it to …
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