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  1. ANZAC Day: Some Resources for Reflection

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    24 April 2014 by thaliakr

    I don’t have much of my own to say about ANZAC Day. Like many of my generation I am deeply …
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  2. What’s the Point of Lent? #1: Starting with the Old Testament


    17 February 2014 by thaliakr

    Jesus fasting in the desert, Jesus and his followers not fasting, Christian parenting, Lent throughout history, fasting in the Bible, fasting in the New Testament, Scot McKnight on fasting, fasting in the early church, what's the point of Lent?

    No one can be right or wrong about how to celebrate Lent, I realised the other day. Lent is a …
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  3. How It Is #10: Like Wearing No Skin


    10 December 2013 by thaliakr

    What is postnatal / postpartum depression like? For me, it's like wearing no skin. |

    I wrote this a few weeks ago. It’s part of a long-running series on my experience of severe postnatal depression, …
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  4. ‘It Hurts Because it Mattered’


    20 September 2013 by thaliakr

    Add this to your list of empathetic things it might be appropriate to say to someone in pain (though we’re …
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  5. Child Marriage, Child Death and What You Can Do


    14 September 2013 by thaliakr

    The tragic, terrible death of an eight-year-old Yemeni girl made international news this week. You might have read reports that …
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  6. Talking about Baby Loss: Stephanie’s Story [Guest]


    1 August 2013 by thaliakr

    A warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to Stephanie, a Dunedin mother, lawyer and regular commenter here, who is generously telling …
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  7. The Happiest Song in the World


    11 July 2013 by thaliakr

    Sadness and little children are a funny mix. Literally, I guess. You can’t spend a day with a toddler without …
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