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  1. Ten Books, Four Words Each: Most Influential


    1 September 2014 by thaliakr

    What books have made you who you are? Check out these lists and add yours |

    The latest booklovers’ chain-letter going around Facebook seems to be a challenge to list (without too much agonising) your ten …
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  2. Making Parenting Easier #1: 12 Ideas to Make You Feel Better


    5 August 2014 by thaliakr

    Some great ideas to make life easier as a parent |

    This is part of a series aiming to help us all go easier on ourselves and make our parenting lives …
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  3. The Mighty Tillermans


    7 May 2013 by thaliakr

    It’s been a rough week in our house, for one reason and another. I’ve been unusually tired and low, though …
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  4. Easter, Sort Of


    26 March 2013 by thaliakr

    You’d think the task of ‘explaining Easter’ would not be a tough one for a minister. Hm. I have the …
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  5. Grey Street

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    22 March 2013 by thaliakr

    There’s an emptiness inside her And she’d do anything to fill it in But all the colors mix together – …
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  6. The Only Easter Storybook You’ll Need


    19 March 2013 by thaliakr

    I’ve just reviewed a stunningly good Joy Cowley book for the Kiwi Families website: As Easter approaches, and shops are …
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  7. A Generous Lent, Act 13: Share the Bible


    1 March 2013 by thaliakr

    It took me some courage to decide to blog on this activity from the 40 acts of generosity Lent challenge. Is there …
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