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  1. Jamie Oliver and I Are Not on the Same Parenting Page


    20 November 2014 by thaliakr

    Dr Seuss, Horton Hears a Who: A person's a person no matter how small |

    It seems that Jamie Oliver – cheeky television chef with the ‘beestung lips’ and the Essex accent – and I …
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  2. Re-reading Anne of Green Gables: Matthew Cuthbert


    27 May 2014 by thaliakr

    Re-reading Anne of Green Gables as a adult | | Anna Leese by James Aitken photography

    It’s an odd feature of my experience of postnatal depression: I find reading modern literature, which is usually my staple, …
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  3. The Smug Hobby of Parent-Bashing


    22 March 2014 by thaliakr

    Victoria's Secret shames nursing mother, breastfeeding in public, Christian parenting blogs, New Zealand parenting blogs, feminist parenting blogs

    Being smug is such a treat. Not only do you get the warm glow of being right but if you add …
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  4. Treating Children as Beloved Foreigners


    7 February 2014 by thaliakr

    Parenting for social change, Teresa Brett, treating children as beloved foreigners, Christian parenting, gentle parenting

    Lucy from Lulastic and the Hippy Shake has been reading Parenting for Social Change by Teresa Brett and snipping quotes …
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  5. Long-haul Travel with a Toddler is Fine, Honest!


    3 June 2013 by thaliakr

    Two things I’ve stopped counting: the number of beds SBJ has slept in and the number of planes he’s been …
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