The 4 Cutest Nativity Videos in the World (Honest)

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18 December 2014 by thaliakr

Check these out! Soooo cute!|

I know the title is a big call, but I’ll eat a suitcase of carrots if you can beat these :)

As I said in a post last Christmas, partly about the differences between Southern and Northern Hemisphere Christmas celebrations:

St Paul’s Anglican Church in central Auckland is blessed to have some very artistically and technically talented people who have made their annual children’s Nativity play into a delightful video phenomenon. Below are all four of their now world-famous Christmas productions. My favourite is still the first – you may like to watch it both first and last!

I’m not 100 per cent on board with all the theology in all of the vids, but you can make your own mind up about that.

Here they are, gathered in one place for your viewing pleasure. Share them around (especially the first one, which is still my favourite).

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Check these out! Soooo cute!|


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