Two Ideas for Post-Election Action


22 September 2014 by thaliakr

The happiness of any society depends on... what? See what Kofi Annan thinks |

On Saturday night (or afternoon, Thai time), the New Zealand general election results rolled in, faster than ever before, and they led to the first outright majority government in the twenty years we’ve had MMP, our proportional representational voting system.

And it’s the centre-right National government who has been voted in for a third term with an increased majority, despite (or perhaps because of the noise made about) some fairly horrifying revelations and allegations over the last month about how they have been doing business.

Low voter turnout – especially in poor areas (there was heavy rain in much of the country) very likely has a lot to do with the result. Non-voters are generally thought to be left-inclined, and poorer. The same number of people who voted National didn’t vote at all.

I’ve been travelling overseas for the whole period of the election campaign, and glued to social media and news websites as the bizarre drama unfolded. The mood among left-wing voters has been tense, galvanised and passionate for a change in government.

According to Vote Compass data, 67 per cent of people using their pick-a-party tool said that addressing inequality and poverty was a key election issue for them and the government should do more about it, although that doesn’t seem to have translated into the party vote result on the night.

Ideas for tackling child poverty | | Nelson Mandela

Idea 1: Promote the Alternative Policies

Several parties of the left had big, cornerstone policies to tackle child poverty in New Zealand, which has increased markedly over recent years, with 285,000 children – one in four Kiwi kids – living in poverty, and 40 per cent of those in homes where a parent is in work.

Here are some of the great ideas that came up in party policies (you might have another favourite – mention it in the comments if so, eh?):


None of these, I think, is National party policy. So here’s my first idea:

Keep talking about these good ideas, and petitioning the government to enact them. Use whatever influence you have to keep these ideas in circulation and motivate the government to make use of them.

Ideas for tackling child poverty | | Nelson Mandela

Idea 2: Fill the Gaps Ourselves

On social media in the days following the election result, I’ve been struck by the outpouring of sentiments like these ones:

Relief and development worker Bex Silver wrote this from Thailand, where we are now:

My heart hurts for our poor. It hurts for our indigenous. It hurts for our land, and it hurts for our children. But the battle for justice and equality is not lost. This is when the battle really begins and it starts in the comfort of our homes, the contents of our hearts and the corners of our streets. Our votes have been cast and counted, but our choices for freedom and fairness lie in the actions we take everyday to make this country a better place for all.

And filmmaker Taika Waititi wrote this gem:

Nigh night whanau. Don’t feel too stink. You remember at the end of Empire Strikes Back when the rebels were crushed and Han Solo was all frozen in that carbonite shit and C3PO was in pieces and Luke got his hand chopped off by his dad and was still trying to pash his sister? Well that was pretty bleak, right? Can you imagine a more stressful evening for a young man? To find out the dude that just hacked your hand off is your dad??! It’s too much to bear.

Well, you know what Luke and those rebels did? They regrouped at Skywalker Ranch and they got George Lucas to bankroll another movie where they got to make a positive change! And it worked! And Luke got to see his dad’s face and also gained a sister. So let’s all be optimistic and think about how to rescue Han Solo from Jabba and meet some furry dwarves and write the end we want!

I’m feeling surprisingly upbeat and positive about “Return of the Poor People”. Mauri ora!

So here’s my second idea (not original, of course).

If you’re worried about how the poor will fare under a third term of National policies, then pick something that you can join in with to make your local community a better place. Pick it this week.

If the government won’t adequately address child poverty, those of us who care about kids and inequality will have to change our schedules and budgets a bit to do it ourselves. As we should be doing anyway, right?

Ideas for tackling child poverty | | Paulo Coelho


I know many compassionate right-wing voters will be on board with this too – since one of the ideas of small government is that people should be doing this stuff themselves. I don’t think that’s the most effective solution for the size of this problem, but I would think we could get some broad agreement across the political spectrum that the country will be a better place if more citizens are engaged in direct social action that supports disadvantaged folks.

I’d love your thoughts in the comments about specific social justice initiatives going on that people could support with volunteer hours or dollars or both. Pick something that resonates with you, and go and make the world a better place.

What about this eclectic, off-the-top-of-my-head selection:

The House of Grace


Twitter Aunties

A foodbank

A budgeting advice service

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Plan a neighbourhood afternoon tea, barbecue or even pancake party and get to know your neighbours

Community fruit picking

Help serve free breakfast in a low-decile school

Fresh Perspective family mentoring

Contact a Volunteer Centre near you to match your skills with a need

What else? Please put some ideas, from wherever you are in the world, in the comments below.

If you, like me, are disheartened by the result of the election, please think hard about how you can channel that into positive action. Who knows what beautiful things might grow out of disappointment?

Don't be disappointed, do something... |


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8 thoughts on “Two Ideas for Post-Election Action

  1. In regards to your second idea, I’ve seen people suggest organisations like, in which people voluntary donate 1% of their income, 100% of which is redistributed to Kiwi charities. It’s like giving yourself a tiny rise in tax, but you know it’s worth it :)

    Of course there’s no doubt other ways of doing something similar

  2. proseotalk says:

    Please support Help for the Homeless in Christchurch. They have a FB page. Since the election police have been issuing non association orders and making arrests. This is inhumane!!

  3. I forgot about this great resource from The Wireless, including infographic on child poverty:

  4. AndyM says:

    poverty is lower in married two parent families. Encourage marriage?
    Perhaps God’s plan for families does actually encourage human flourishing after all?

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