Co-sleeping Converts: Series Round-Up


3 April 2014 by thaliakr

Our son, SBJ, is two now, and we are still a co-sleeping family, though he now theoretically has his own bedroom.

I’m mulling an update on how that is working, but in the meantime, I thought I’d just collect the occasional posts I’ve written over the last couple of years, now with pretty pictures!

Click on the pictures to head to each post. There are some great comments from lots of different people on each one – they’re the best bit. Please feel free to join the conversations.

Co-sleeping Converts 1, Our First Six Months as Accidental Attachment Parents Co-sleeping Converts 2, When will he get his own bed? Sleep-crawling and other Challenges, Co-sleeping Converts #3Montessori sleep experiments, Co-sleeping Converts #4

I’m always keen to talk about co-sleeping. It’s been such a revelation to us, not something we ever planned on or imagined we’d do, but now so natural and great. So I’m happy to chat with y’all. Do you have any burning, curious questions? Feel free to ask anything (not that I’m undertaking to answer anything, but I’ll do my best!) in the comments below.

This is a round-up of an occasional series on our experience of co-sleeping with our baby (and toddler, as he becomes later on!). You can see the series list here

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One thought on “Co-sleeping Converts: Series Round-Up

  1. Susan says:

    I find co-sleeping interesting. I liked the idea of co-sleeping but just hate sleeping with other people so didn’t co-sleep with my girls. However my son had dreadful eczema which meant for two years he woke 6-10 times a night scratching himself to bits. Having him sleep with me (and husband kicked out onto the sofa) meant everyone had more sleep. I started off on the sofa with hubby and moved into the bed with ds when he first woke up and then nursed him throughout the night – this way he didn’t have time to get distressed and scratch too much, I could drop back off to sleep while I was nursing him and dh got a pretty uninterrupted night which meant he could support us more through the day.

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