7 Easy Tips for Throwing a Low-Stress Pancake Party


7 February 2014 by thaliakr

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Shrove Tuesday is the next big day in the church calendar. Time to party with pancakes!

Many of you will know that I write a bimonthly blog at Kiwi Families called Finding God in Family Life. My most recent post gives a step-by-step breakdown on how to make friends with your neighbours (or the parents of your kids’ friends, or people at church or work you want to know better) with a low-stress, low-work Shrove Tuesday pancake party.

Here’s an extract, and you can read the whole thing at Kiwi Families:

When I was a little girl, our elderly neighbours had spare keys to our house. We fed each other’s pets during holidays, and were in and out of each other’s houses. Am I right in feeling like that’s not so common these days?

Maybe it’s because more people are out all day, now. Most of us are busier outside the home, and more likely to be commuting, than I was a kid.

If you think fondly of more connected communities I have an idea. In a few weeks’ time, the church calendar gives you an excuse to gather your neighbours together – or any other group of people you want to get to know better – and throw a pancake party.

Last Shrove Tuesday we were living in a downtown apartment attached to a hotel. We took a tray of pancakes, maple syrup and napkins to the staff downstairs and made lots of new friends. This year we’re in a new house, so I’ll be inviting the folks in the street to drop in.

People often feel like they need a reason to step out of their comfort zone and into a stranger’s house, so I reckon Shrove Tuesday provides a handy way to break the ice.

[Read more at Kiwi Families.]

7 simple tips, peeps – that’s got to make life easier, right? As a sneak preview, number 7 is Don’t cook dinner.

As well as hanging out at Kiwi Families, you can also connect with me at the Sacraparental Facebook page or my Pinterest. See you there!



5 thoughts on “7 Easy Tips for Throwing a Low-Stress Pancake Party

  1. Andy says:

    We had pancakes last night for pancake Tuesday. My wife mused that she used the last of the butter, and suggested that perhaps she should have used all the flour and eggs as well (I’d just done a shopping trip and bought ~6kg flour for our breadmaker, and our chickens are laying regularly so we are well stocked).

    It got us thinking that the chickens of catholics would still be laying during lent. Hence, perhaps, the post-hoc justification of eggs in the easter story. An event that would require the use of many eggs that would otherwise go to waste.

    • Andy says:

      the only other thing we could think of to use the eggs would be to make lots of quiche and freeze them, but that option wouldn’t have been open to the previous generations, and there are only so many pickled eggs that you really need in a lifetime.

      • Andy, that’s a really good point!

        Is it possible that in the northern hemisphere cows and chickens produce less milk and eggs around this time of year?

        Or do the pagan neighbours always just do well out of Lent? :)

        I’ve never seen reference to this in any of my reading – will do more digging!

        • Andy says:

          From my few years of having suburban chooks, they tend to slow down at the change of season rather than middle of winter or summer. when the daylight hours are changing fastest.

  2. […] Day last year with great success. I’m keen to do something this year to follow up on our Pancake Party with the neighbours, and I thought y’all might be keen too, given a little advance […]

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