Lucky Dip


3 October 2013 by thaliakr

Yeah, sorry.

I see from my (unhealthily-often-checked) stats page that a fair few people come each day to Sacraparental to see if there’s anything new on the blog. Lately, the answer is often: nah.

It’s a blip, not a trend, though. We’ve just moved house and are still unpacking (aka moving things out of boxes we’ve had in storage for 18 months and putting them in different boxes to give to charity); SBJ and I have had several minor illnesses in a row; my husband is working nights and I’m in the middle of preparing the first sermon I’ve written from scratch in two years. To preach to a room full of preachers.

So. I have, as usual, about sixty drafts and notes for blog posts, but not enough time to write them all. And also shower, cook and raise my child.

I had a brilliant idea in the middle of the night, though.

I saw that one blog visitor had clicked on six different posts from the archive, all touching on one subject, but not collected in any other way, as far as I can remember.

I thought: I bet you haven’t read everything I’ve written, right? If you’d like something new to read (and who doesn’t, in the information age?), how about a little trawl through the archives, maybe on a theme?

You could head to the (newish) Collections page for a shortcut to some of the bigger series we’ve run.

You could see what other people are visiting most often at the moment on the sidebar on the right-hand side of your screen (‘So hot right now’).

You could go further down the sidebar and browse the categories and subcategories until something takes your fancy. Click on ‘grief’ or ‘body image’ or ‘unschooling’ or ‘teenagers’ or ‘rant’ to see all the posts ever that have been categorised that way.

Or you could write a guest post and email it to me!

But I do have several drafts that aren’t far off, so don’t be discouraged from visiting again tomorrow :)

Last idea: even if I don’t manage a new blog post, I do put something new on the Sacraparental Facebook page every day, so do click ‘like’ to get updates in your News Feed.

Below are some pics of what we’ve been up to when not blogging. Basically I’ve just been photographing my son!










5 thoughts on “Lucky Dip

  1. Alex says:

    Speaking as someone who does check in regularly, please don’t feel you need to apologise. I’m just as likely to be checking for new conversations, or to re-read an old post (and yep, I reckon I have read just about all of them!) Of course, I love reading the new posts when they arrive, but I certainly don’t expect them to appear every time I visit. Don’t panic!
    Good luck with the sermon writing and preaching, and hope you and SBJ are feeling fully better soon.

    • Thanks, Alex :)

      Yeah, I do know apologies aren’t necessary, and I almost said so but couldn’t quite get it across without sounding defensive or callous! I’m just conscious that I’ve gone from a most-days-for-a-year blogger to a weekly-if-that and want to assure people it’s not going to stay like that!

      Sermon has come together much better tonight thanks to a posse of helpers, and SBJ has gone to sleep well for the third night in a row, so there’s hope!

      Night, all :)

  2. Angela says:

    Phew! Thought you had run out of ideas.

  3. Caroline says:

    We can wait! Hope you’re all back to full health soon & that you can get to the end of the boxes. In the meantime, I love the photos. SBJ must have had a great time playing in all of the empty boxes.

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