The World Doesn’t Need More Superheroes


7 June 2013 by thaliakr


‘All I ever needed to know I learned in the mental hospital,’ says Glennon Doyle Melton, from the Momastery blog, in her recent TEDx Talk.

It’s sort of Glennon 101, an introduction to the big themes of her mission to live in the open, be a shameless truth-teller, and help everyone else to feel ok in the messy world.

If you are sometimes scared or anxious or self-conscious or overwhelmed, and if those feelings are hard to deal with, Glennon could be a good friend to you.

She talks about being eight years old and feeling like a loser at school, instead of the superhero that seemed to be the standard. She talks about putting on superhero capes of bulimia and addiction to pretend and protect.

I’d be interested in chatting this stuff over with you. I was struck by some new thoughts on school culture and our role in redeeming it, and by her description of learning to feel her feelings. I imagine there are twenty very different threads in her talk that will strike different people most strongly. Let us know what you are drawn to.


One thought on “The World Doesn’t Need More Superheroes

  1. andrew says:

    superb video. for years it was my default position to be / do whatever was consistent with the mask i held up. it takes a lot of energy and stress. from that place it is hard to determine what i really liked, what my opinions were on things, and why i held those positions. it is an encouraging video. thanks for posting.

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