Sacraparental Live in Palmerston North


1 April 2013 by thaliakr

manawatu turbine farm

Manawatu Wind Turbine Farm (Photo credit: hoodoo youdo)

Wanna hang out in the Mighty Manawatu?

SBJ are going to spend a few days with my parents in PN, so I wondered about hosting a Sacraparental hangout. Whaddaya reckon?

I know a few regulars there, but I suspect there are others I’m not in contact with, so now’s your chance. If you’re based in Manawatu and would like to catch up in person this week, be brave and leave a comment (or be sneaky and just send an email!)



One thought on “Sacraparental Live in Palmerston North

  1. […] One last thing occurred to me tonight as I was getting him to sleep. SBJ is a pretty intense little guy, in terms of energy and focus. He’s always on the go, very sociable and chatty, and full of opinions about what he wants to do and how. He’s not a kid you could call mellow or chilled out, as we were saying at last weekend’s Sacraparental gathering. […]

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