The Best Is Now: One Year Old!


7 December 2012 by thaliakr

Today Sweet Baby James turns one, and we need to think of a new nickname for him.

Here are some of the things we love about having a one-year-old.

He can make friends on footpaths and in shops any day of the week.

Any small animal is a ‘cat’, and ‘cat’ always has to be whispered. Since James mostly sees birds, any bird now attracts variations of ‘t-t-t-t’ ‘c-c-c-c’ and the odd ‘cat.’

He’s quite the climber.

When his hair is wet the back curls remind me of a duckling.

His hands (and mouth) are usually full.


He has just started doing a new face-smoosh cuddle where he presses his face into mine as if he wants to be inside my skull.

He plays peek-a-boo around doors and curtains. When he reappears and sees our surprised faces he is six-tooth-grin delighted.

We went to kindygym for the first time the other week and he was in heaven. ‘You mean I can climb on anything?’

He’d really rather stand, thanks. Especially in a high chair or a bath.

He wears a lot of orange.

He’s recently got the hang of books – huzzah! – and loves turning pages. Books with not much text on each page are therefore best.

He just learnt to high five (thanks, Laura!)

He adores grapes, the washing machine, birds, people, strawberries, stairs, corncakes, carrying things, pegs, books, the piano and any contraband.


He considers the following to be prohibited behaviour when exhibited by a mummy: cooking, dishes, piano-playing and sitting at the table doing something. Such behaviour leads to an irresistible need to be picked up every 45 seconds (about once every half-onion).

He makes a great tiger.

When there are other kids around, he gets possessive of his parents. And anyone else on his staff. He recently wriggled ahead of his godfather’s own daughter to stake his claim.

Among the things he has been caught stealing: Cassandra’s toys at playgroup when he had just learnt to roll, Angela’s lip gloss, Fairy Godmother’s wallet, full collection plates at two different churches.

He has a pronounced cheeky streak already, complete with grin. When he does something he knows is forbidden, he often grins and waits until noticed before committing the crime. He also does a good line in running away, giggling, at this point.

Twenty-four residences. Seven teeth. Four thousand photographs. One graced year.



4 thoughts on “The Best Is Now: One Year Old!

  1. Alex says:

    The happiest of happy happy birthdays to your little boy!
    And massive hugs from across the seas to all three of you.
    A.D.M.I. xxx

  2. SKATERAK says:

    He is an adorable wee boy who brings happiness to so many people. Thanks for sharing him and your journey with us. It’s a big day for all of you. Enjoy it so much! Love – MB

  3. Caroline says:

    Beautiful! Happy 1st Birthday James.

  4. Angela says:

    Happy Birthday lovely boy. May you always be as happy and delighted with life as you were today.

    Congratulations Thalia and Matt on a big milestone. I know you will always be the wise, thoughtful, loving and fantastically fun parents you have been this past year.


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