YouTube Party: Cheer Up Edition


23 November 2012 by thaliakr


Ducklings are great cheer-up helpers (Photo credit:

You’ve got to be kind to yourself, right?

For many of us, life has some pretty tough parts or patches. As part of a wraparound strategy for self-care, it’s good to have a bunch of little things that can just make a day easier, or give us a little pickmeup on a sad or slow or hard afternoon.

So today’s YouTube party is dedicated to clips that come with a smile pre-packed, ready to be delivered to your face.

Thanks to Jody for the first two: one was our standard bad day pickmeup for years, the other I woke up to this morning, as it was helping her gorgeous two-year-old boy start the day more happily. It was a lovely way to start a sunny day in Auckland.

Backflipping into jeans

Pretty self-explanatory. Possibly not recommended for those whose frontal lobes are yet to develop fully.

Katy Perry, oompah styles

Have you ever wondered what Katy Perry’s song Hot n Cold would sound like played by a Ukrainian Polka band? Wonder no longer! Here are Los Colorados to show you:

Possibly only funny if you like science

Please don’t watch this That Mitchell and Webb Look sketch if you are a fan of homeopathy (I don’t mean ‘natural medicine’ though, I mean actual homeopathy).

‘That’s like, massively disrespecting of your trousers.’

Armstrong and Miller are just marvellous. Also for fans of British sketch comedy.

Baby animals make any day better

As Weezer and Spike Jonze well know.

Now it’s your turn. I think all of those are hilarious but a) I know you won’t all agree and b) I’d love some new material, please. So please add your favourite cheer-up clips in the comments. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “YouTube Party: Cheer Up Edition

  1. Jody Kilpatrick says:

    What a great lineup Thalia! Other ideas to type into youtube: “boombox lonely island” “never say no to panda” and “tim minchin canvas bags”.

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