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11 November 2012 by thaliakr

In other news, my tiny tiger turns ONE in a few weeks. Eek! Or, I mean, ROAR!

Sixty is a nice round number. This is my sixtieth post on Sacraparental, and I feel pretty good about that.

Addicted as I am to my blog statistics page (something measurable!), it occurred to me tonight that I could use the stats to mark the occasion. How about a wee list of the ten most ‘popular’ posts? Love a good list!

So, here they are. WordPress counts pageviews, so this list is the ten posts that have been most visited, though I don’t know by whom or by how many individual people, if you see what I mean.

You might like to catch up on any you’ve missed, see what comments and conversations followed the posts, or use the share buttons to pass something on to a friend. I’ll be out of blog range for a couple of days (on an out-of-town adventure with SBJ – wish me luck!), so take your time.

Oh, and a special plea: how about you take on the challenge in #2? Go on, I bet you are brilliant and amazing.

  1. How It Is #1
  2. I Am Brilliant and Amazing
  3. How It Is #2
  4. Single #1
  5. Four Things I Don’t Have Time For
  6. Why the Judge was Wrong
  7. How It Is #4: On A Bad Day
  8. (some of) What I don’t know
  9. How It Is #5: A Stranger In My Head
  10. Superhero #1

7 thoughts on “Sacraparental Top Ten

  1. Alex says:

    60? Already? Wow! Well done you :)
    Interesting to see the top ten. I love a good list!

    • Caroline says:

      Yes – is it really sixty already? That’s great! I’m enjoying reading them – very thought-provoking. Keep going!

  2. I didn’t make the cut! :( I think you stick to your own writings from now on…sniff…

  3. Angela says:

    Wow – SIXTY! That is brilliant and amazing! And you’ve barely scratched the surface…

  4. […] even if we don’t know how to build it. My posts telling my own story of PND are all in the Sacraparental top ten. Ahead of even the Muppets! And it’s not only the sob story stuff we like sharing. The second […]

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