Keep Cool till After School

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15 October 2012 by thaliakr

Te Hatapihopitapui ‘Olly’ Ohlson (Photo credit: TVNZ)

What was your all-time favourite kids’ tv programme?

Te Hatapihopatapui ‘Olly’ Ohlson (Ngati Whare) transformed children’s television in New Zealand, in his generation-shaping show After School.

He was the first to use sign language and te reo, in his ‘Keep cool till after school’ catchphrase and greetings, and he was just so nice.

He used to sing a Maori song about a butterfly, Purerehua, that I looked up when I was pregnant so I could sing it to SBJ as a lullaby. It’s a favourite in our house.

He makes the point in this interview that he talked directly to kids, and aimed for ‘personable,’ something he thinks has mostly gone from kids’ tv these days.

I’m not au fait with children’s tv anymore, but am interested in your opinions on what it’s like and how it’s changed since we were watching.

And your memories of Olly!

He was also a feature guest on Radio New Zealand National a couple of years ago, and  you can hear the interview here. Thanks to Kat for the video link!


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